Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow globe card

I made this card for my boyfriends mom she love snow globes. I made this using design studio using plantin schoolbook. I got the tree and snow under it from PDDU. I just cut out a bunch of circles for the snow falling.

Beat of my heart

I made this for my boyfriend. I love this shiny paper, I don't know if you can tell how shiny it is. I also did all this in design studio.
Here's is the words link:

Here is the music note:

Hoppy Holidays

I did all this card on design studio using Plantin schoolbook. I cut the hat out with PDDU once in white then in red and made the white fur on the hat. I don't know if this will work but here is the cut file if anyone wants it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gypsy give away

Would you like to win a gypsy?
I was recently on cricut message boards and found this wonderful give away for a gypsy. I would love to win! I wish everyone good luck!
Here's the link:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In loving memory of my papaw

I made this for my mom. This my papaw he died in 2001. I typed out the song go rest high on that mountain. I used rub-on for Husband, friend, father, and papaw. I really liked how this turned out.

Mom layout

I didn't use my cricut on this, I made this for my mom. I hand write the poem on notebook paper and used notebook paper for the photo mat. I had some rub-ons and spelled mom, wife, friend. Then I just added some little extra stuff.

80's girl and winter girl

These are my most recent dolls. I don't have the new paper dolls yet. So i used the Santa hat, boots and gloves. and the princes tights. A plain shirt and the girl pirates belt as the scarf. The little 80's girl I used the tutu in 2 colors and just cut the pink bottom off and glued it onto the white one. The princes tights again, rage dolls shoe. I took a plain tee shirt and just cut the top off so you could see the tutu's strops. Her hair bow I just cut it out in a bunch of colors and over lapped it. Her leggings I took the mermaids hair and cut it it down to fit her. I used all the colors I could on her.

Snow card

It is also my first Christmas with my cricut. I got beautiful from home decor, I took my paper cutter and made a strip and cut a bow from PDDU because I didn't have any pink ribbon. I cut the swirls from home decor. The tree I cut from PDDU, and the scarf. The word snow I welded 3 circles together and attached it to snw the I deleted the snw from my design and just cut the snowgirl out. I have the cut file but I have no idea how to post it.

Cute witch

This is my little Halloween witch, It was my first Halloween with my cricut and I had to make her. I used everything from the ballerina, I used the princes belt, and the witches hat. I was so excited about her she is just so cute. I love Halloween and all the colors.

Baby shower invitations

I made these for my cousins baby shower I made 40 of them. I used the scalloped circle from home decor and just a circle from plantin schoolbook. I then punched holes in the back to put the sticks in and drooped a little hot glue on the sticks so they wouldn't move. I tied ribbon on them, and cut labels in half and put them around the sticks. These was so much work but it was worth it. :]

Cupcake journal

This is a cute little journal I made. I cut 2 cupcakes on blackout from home decor at 6 in. on cereal boxes, then 4 pieces of paper to cover the cereal boxes. I also cut out the cupcake with black out off. I cut out the cupcakes on notebook paper on low pressure and low speed. I binded it the hard way we made holes with a push pin and took the wire from a notebook and fed it through the holes. I was pleased with how it turned out.

Ice cream birthday card

I made this card for my little sisters 7th birthday. I used the 7 from plantin schoolbook and the ice cream cone from Indie art. I have some rainbow yarn and took 2 pieces of it and braided it and tied it on to the side. I really love how the yarn looked it reminded me of cotton candy.

Cowgirl card

Here is my cowgirl card, that I still haven't found anyone to give it to. I cut the mountains out fit to page and cut it to fit my card. She is cut at 41/2 in. I used everything for the cowgirl except the hair I used indian girl's hair. The letters are from Plantin schoolbook. The moon and stars are also from PDDU. Thanks for looking :]

My first paper dolls

These are my first paper dolls I made. They are all cut at 4 1/2 in. except tinker bell she is cut at 3 in. The ballerina she is wearing everything for the ballerina. Bell I made her dress using the princess dress and cutting it down some, her gloves at the time I didn't know there was gloves on the cartridge so I traced her hands and hand cut them out, her hair I took genie's hair and the pony tail to make it look like a bun and used the pony tail to put on the back of her head to make it come around front, I used the princes belt for her hair tie and cut at the littlest circle to make her earrings. Tinkerbell I used the pixy dress, for her hair I used Mrs. Claus' hair, angle wings for her wings I just cut them so they would point, I used the angel shoes and cut out 2 little circles for the top of her shoes. Snow white I used the wizards dress on blackout I then cut the sleeves off, cut it out again and made the blue part of her dress, 2 circles for her sleeves, the top of super boy's cape, her hair I used prom girls hair and I made the band myself, then cut out a bow for it. The little mermaid I used everything for the mermaid but her hair I just too the longest hair with bangs and cut it down a lot.

City layout

I just started my blog and I am new to everything. Here is a picture of a layout I made for mine and my boyfriends scrapbook. I used paper dolls for the city I cut it fit to page. The scalloped circle come from Home decor and so did the journaling spot. These eyes come from plantin schoolbook. The writing says "Those gorgeous eyes of your put the city lights in shame".